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28mm scale

by Reaper Miniatures #2679


   This has been a long work in progress and marks five year since I entered my first Golden Toadstool contest.  Actually I started this either late 2002 or early 2003 and then (of course) abandoned it for half a decade. *sigh*

The figure is painted with the intention of light shining out of the head on all the little mushrooms and the myconid itself. The light areas are meredius and arcane blue from P3 highlighted up with white. The purple glow from the puff ball fungus is VMC Blue violet, also highlighted up with white. The glow is reflected up and outward from the puff balls reaching and combining with the downward glow on the belly and toes of the myconid.
The shadowy areas are the Dark Flesh color from GW and shaded with a black/blue mixed into the Dark flesh. The cap is VMC brown violet shaded with black and highlighted by mixing in VGC Pale Flesh toward the outer edges. The spots on the various caps is also the same arcane blue as previous. The smaller mushroom caps are a strong Dark Flesh colour on the caps.

The eyes of the myconid are painted with GW midnight and ultramarine blue with black pupils and a arcane blue/white for the reflection spot and the whites.
The puff balls and smaller mushrooms are construction from greenstuff and are leftover from a large army project that was completed some years ago. The base is a 25mm GW plastic with some playground sand.

I was given some excellent advice by Vincent Hudon on this model.  Many thanks for his encouragement. 

Finally finished for my games table in November 2007.


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