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72mm scale limited edition

by Reaper Miniatures #1406

sophiewebfront.jpg (172571 bytes)


Another model that was in Harbinger Magazine.

This is a new beautiful limited edition 72mm miniature of Sophie, beautifully sculpted by Werner Klocke.  Sophie serves as the mascot for Reaper Miniatures.


I was inspired by her pose to give something to focus on, on the base.   This turned out to be a hellish scene which in turn inspired me to try out painting lighting effects for the first time.   For this I did extensive research, especially with Victoria Lamb’s article on the technique.


For making and painting the landscape,   I studied many photos, mainly of Kilauea in Hawaii.  The light source is the small fountain of lava burbling in the vent.  The glow is reflected off her sword and the surrounding terrain.  I tried not to cast the glow on her, but there is a little red on her outstretch wing.


The base is hand varnished wood.  The scenery was sculpted from Milliput, and covered with sand and polishing grit.  The lava fountain is from fishing line with thick acrylic paint drippled on for droplets.  She is painted with Vallejo and Citadel colors and dull-coated for protection.


Painted August 2003


Oh, and please excuse the photo quality, it was my first time photographing with a black background.  Must practice more. :)


sophiewebface.jpg (69507 bytes)

sophiewebrear.jpg (107690 bytes)


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