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25mm scale

by Reaper Miniatures #2621

  This was my entry that placed fourth in regular fantasy category in the fourth annual Chick Challenge held in November 2003.  She is part of a larger vignette along with her Crystal Falcon familiar from Ral Partha.

Another Dennis Mize sculpt that I absolutely adore.  Well sorta...  I dislike the scroll. Alot!  So the scroll was replaced with a Warlord staff from Reaper.   Also this model has some unfinished sculpted areas in the back, between the hair and belt line.  It is as if Mr.Mize sculpted the bra somewhat lower initially and it didn't line up with the other side.  Then the proper bra line is sculpted higher, but the first one was not removed properly.  It was a horrible job to clean up the unfinished areas of the ghost lines for the first bra.  Gah!  And to think I would eventually end up doing two of these!

To match up with the crystal coloration of the falcon and the base, her staff has similar gems of amethyst, sapphire and ruby.  To continue on with the semiprecious rock theme, a bra and loincloth are painted to represent the intricate lines found in malachite.

The makeup is a bit heavy in retrospect, but perhaps her face might otherwise get lost amongst all that color on her and around her.  Not quite sure why I would have done it that way.  But in the future I would be toning that down too.

Painted October 2003

The completed vignette of Laurana as an elementalist sorceress with her crystal familiar.

  The bird and Laurana were initially intended to have their positions on the base reversed.  But to get the best angle setup for photography, they had to be switched around.  So I had to insert another pair of magnets in them to support them in their new positions.  In one case, the new magnet is wedged right up against the original underneath the figure's base.

The base is milliput and greenstuff holding together the main mass of my rejected resin casting experiments.  This was covered with some sand for texture.  The crystals are, of course, real quartz crystals puttied into the rest.  The whole thing was primed black, painted and flocked.  Screws for the magnets to attach to were drilled directly into the base. The terrain is built on a square oak box that has been hand varnished and finished.

The whole vignette placed first in the bases category in the Chick Challenge.

I really love the way the vignette turned out for me.  She is one of my favorite minis done until now along with her base and familiar.



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