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Crystal Falcon

#91-420 by Ral Partha

28mm scale

rpfalcon.jpg (143465 bytes)

  This is a model I fell in love with just over a year ago.   It's the falcon from the Crucible character Duke Ice Falcon.  The duke himself is pretty lame,  he can't even be given away.  But the bird is simply awesome.  

This figure was finally torn out of it's package and painted up as a familiar for a sorceress in my Chick Challenge 4 entry at Deus Ex Machina.  The entire entry managed to win first in the display bases category.  Neato!

The falcon is pinned to a cut up piece of sprue. The wire goes right down into the 25mm plastic base.  The other crystals are real quartz crystals arranged in Milliput.   He is meant to be emerging from the mound of rock like an elemental.

This was an extremely technically challenging piece.  The bird took longer to paint, than the sorceress and rest of the diorama combined!

Painted 2003.


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