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    This is an unofficial website. 

    All trademarks and logos on this site are the property of their respective owner(s).  Logos and trademarks have been used without permission from the owner(s).  However, no challenge to their status is intended.

     All other materials, unless otherwise stated, are the property of A.Imrie and protected under the copyright laws of Canada.   Images and materials on this web site shall not be duplicated without the creator's written consent. 

Games Workshop, Citadel, Space Wolf, Warmaster, Space Marine, Orcs, Warhammer 40,000, Tau, Eldar, Skaven, Mordheim and Warhammer are registered trademarks of Games Workshop Ltd. Used without permission. No challenge is intended to the status of these trademarks or other trademarks of Games Workshop or any other company which may have been used but not listed above. This site is not endorsed by and has no formal relationship with Games Workshop or any other company mentioned within its pages.

    Links to the sites whose materials are mentioned or used on this one may be found the Links Page.  Web page construction product sites may also be found on the Links Page.  Blackmoor and its owners cannot be held responsible for materials or links to materials from external sites.

     Please do not copy, alter, or claim ownership of any images or material on this site.  All of the miniatures pictured here have been converted and painted by A.Imrie unless otherwise stated.   I  have worked very hard on these models and this site and would appreciate your respect in this.  If you think that someone is in violation of this or feel I am in deliberate violation of their status, please let me know, and I will address the problem as soon as possible.




    Recently individuals have been entering competitions with figures they did not paint and claimed them as their own work.  This is fraud.  And with such a large and well-informed online community these things will come to light.

     If you purchase something from me then you agree not to enter it in any competitions or claim any of my work (conversion/ painting etc.) as anything other than that of Angela Imrie.

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