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Kev White's Hasslefree miniatures


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The Sentry Box - Alberta, Canada

 Mission: Fun & Games - Alberta, Canada

Fantization - California, U.S.A


Galleries and how-to sites

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Arjay's LOTD

 The Land of the Diminutive.  An incredible painter from Australia


My homepage!  *you are here* 

Chambers of Miniatures

Website of Patrick Chambers.  Excellent work here along with a huge regularly updated links page.

Chest of Colors A spiffy new site from "Mahon"  A talented Polish artist who has a sweet touch for freehand.

Cool mini or not

The largest publicly submitted miniature gallery.  See some of the best in the world, along with articles and a forum.  An absolute must-see site!


French miniatures news site.  Coverage from Historicals to fantasy.  Galleries, articles and more!

Electric Ocean American minipainter news site.  Updates centering on fantasy/sci-fi miniature painters and manufacturers.

Jenova Project

Inge's inspiring site has excellent tutorials for NMM along with her great work. 

Joe Videki

Talented Canadian minipainter, with special emphasis on historicals and historical style.  A must-see site for scale references!

The Lone Brushman

Fantastic miniatures and silk canvas art by E.Louchard.  Must-see for some wild freehand  mini work.

The Miniature Gallery

Dirk Stiller does awe-inspiring miniatures and model kits.  A must-see site.

Miniature Painting Guild An extensive miniature site from fellow Albertan, Glyn Evans.  Has great step-by-step tutorials, the Erol Otus Art Gallery and best of all; home of Crappy mini or not!


Dominic Heutelbeck's site.  Home of Visions in Color and Vision in Putty showcases.

Miniature Space Homepage of extremely talented fellow Canadian Jason Richards,  multiple Golden Demon winner.
The Miniatures Page The ultimate source for all things mini. All genres including historical to 40K.


The homepage of world famous painter Jennifer Haley.  Rarely updated but well worth a look.

Passion Figurine

French miniature news and fan website.

Prophet Miniatures   Matt Gubser is a talented minipainter, conversion god, sculpting teacher and super-nice guy!  Perfection at its best.
Queen of Credits

An online catalogue of a private collection.  Incredible work by some of the finest miniature artists.  And a few from the proud owner too!

Salute Site for Salute.  One of the U.K.'s largest games shows, organized by the South London Warlords club.
Slave to Paint A collaboration of talented minipainters from the UK.  Some excellent articles too.
Stuff of Legends Online miniatures archive project.  A must see site!


Excellent idea and technique resource for terrain modelers.


The terrain guys! Awesome site for reviews, hands-on articles and great work overall.  Sporadic updates

Tincture Adept

Homepage for talented fellow Albertan Jarrett Lee. Has regular auction for quality figures.

A new and growing site. Offering resources, tips and forum for wargaming terrain and scenery making. Focus is on Warhammer and 40k terrain.



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Related topics and resources


Webpage construction product and sources

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