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Rooftop Crossbow Sniper

 by Crunch-Waffle Enterprises

28mm scale ?

Rooftop Sniper,  manufactured by Crunch-waffle

A quickie for the games table.  I'm fairly certain I picked this fellow up waaay back at Gencon in 2005. It was nearly forgotten, so much, I had to ask around to find out who even made the fellow.  Like many of my other models this year he was a longtime desktop lurker.  I'm guessing at the scale here at 28mm.  He's one of those delicate Gael Goumon sculpts, ripe with personality.  The pose and uncommon setting for the model makes him a great unique character for the RPG games table. The Sniper is painted in a near monochromatic clothing to give him that shadowy feel.

Painted to high table top quality.

  Painted late 2007



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