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Qanghee, Amazon Warrior

    AF031 28mm scale by Adiken.

  A much better sculpt of an Amazon by Adiken, than the first one I did.  However her face is somewhat odd and her right hand is a quite a mess. 

She didn't seem to take long to paint.  Most of the time was consumed by trying to correct errors in the sculpt with strategically placed highlights.  Much like a makeup artist would use.

I don't have too many of these models,  this is one that picked and bought because it seemed rather a charming sculpt.  Especially with the short cropped hair and the bamboo spear shaft being a nice change.  Charming but difficult. The sculpts from Adiken are getting better and better though. :)

She is mounted on a 25mm round base with a cork wall,  rocks and flock.

    Painted 2004

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