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Alahel the Messenger

 LIAV01 by Rackham for Confrontation

28mm scale

rachhamalahel.jpg (133482 bytes)

This had to stay true to the official Alahan color schemes. But the customer wanted some freehand and more colors to make the details pop. The basing was left up to me so I tried something like a tiled floor out of greenstuff.

I dislike the colors for this one.  I went out and bought one for myself so I can paint him the way I want to. I had to "let go" on my copy a few times, so I could stand to paint some of the colors on this Rackham schemed one.

It's quite a beautiful sculpt.  His face is very aged and characterful.  In my humble opinion, he looks very much like the late actor Sir Laurence Olivier.

Technique-wise, I am very happy with how the woodgrain and weapons turned out on him.    The base I'm not so sure about if I like it alot, or am  just disillusioned about it. :p

Painted December 2003.


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