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Squire with Bow

    AF018 28mm scale by Adiken.

  A rather crude sculpt of a female archer by Adiken.  Check out the spaghetti arms!  Okay...she does have a pretty face. :)

This was my entry into Adiken's paint'n'take styled  painting contest at Gencon Indianapolis 2004.  My spouse dragged me (protesting loudly) off to a scheduled game, so I never finished her there.

  When we wandered by the booth later the next day, imagine my shock when I saw the incompleted figure get third!  I offered to take her home and finish it, and mail the figure back as a thank you to Adiken.  So here she is with a grand total of almost three hours of work.  Not my best, but more than this particular sculpt probably deserves. ;)

She is mounted within her 20mm Adiken base.  I have left the base bare to demonstrate the unusual base style Adiken has chosen for all their figures.

    Painted August 2004

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