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    If you came here you must be wondering who the heck spends all that time painting miniatures and putting up this site. Well, that would be me; Angela Imrie .  Also known as SaxonAngel on I have painted all the minis on this site and a few hundred more that aren't pictured here.  I'm married, with three rugrats... err... children, no pets and very little social life (obviously) and play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition once a week along with a smattering of other games.

    My work has been published in Harbinger magazine,  White Dwarf and a variety of miniature hobby books and other sources.

  There are a number of awards I have had throughout the years. Most notable are eleven Games Workshop Golden Demons and various placings at Gencon Indianapolis.  Online competitions include: numerous placing in the Annual Female Miniature Painting Challenge, first place twice in the Reaper Painting Contest,  two Golden Toadstools and the Fungal Showdown overall winner at the Masterclass Miniature Painters Yahoo Group.

   For even more information there's a myspace page that's in it's infancy.  And a blog that may even get started someday.

    Blackmoor is my experiment in Web site making. Hopefully I can update once in awhile and not overtax my available web space.

    Why did I call this Blackmoor? It is the name for the combined eBay auction efforts of two comic/game enthusiasts and  previously another friend's store. I have auctions for both old and new models occasionally on eBay as well. Blackmoor is also the name for a very old D&D module, a few golf courses, national park and just plain sounds cool. ;)

    Please enjoy your visit!



miniscale.jpg (48622 bytes)

Miniature painted by me circa early 2003




My first mini!

age: 9


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