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Goddess of Love

 01-008  by Ral Partha

approx. 42mm scale?

rplovegoddess.jpg (96787 bytes)

   I got this one because of my old obsession with Greek mythology.  I find it very hard not to give in to buying models that might represent some portion of it. :p

   This is a slight conversion of the rather oversized goddess of love.    Her staff has been removed and the right arm repositioned in a beckoning gesture. I must work on sculpting more, so it was good practice, though it turned out a bit rough. She has been mounted inside a Dark Age base, which was filled with putty and painted as cobblestone.

   I love the beautiful face. Dennis Mize sculpts such incredibly symmetrical features.   The eyes are exquisite, allowing her green pupils to stand out versus the chiseled cheek bones and massive black hair.

  She was painted with the intention of me making a translucency tutorial out of it.   But the in-progress photos, which were taken with my old camera, didn't turn out at all!   So in disgust I finished her quickly, barely having the patience to add the gold trim at top of her toga.  Hence, she is not quite to my normal standard of work.

Painted 2004


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