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Qilue Veladorn

  11-085  by Ral Partha

25mm scale

rpqilue.jpg (85641 bytes)

  Another one of a set of the Seven Sisters from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.  This one is the actual licensed model from TSR.  The accuracy of the sculpt towards the sketch of her is incredible!  All the sisters have silvery white hair, and are very beautiful and powerful.  This is an interpretation of Qilue Veladorn, a good-aligned Drow priestess of Eilistraee.

There is the symbol of Eilistraee on her cloak and some more subtle freehand as a cloth pattern.  Qilue has an enchanted dress, that is silvery white and shimmers with the glow of moonlight.  It can even turn itself itself invisible, making the Drow appear unrobed..  Since the priestesses of her order tend to enjoy dancing nude under the moon as well (where do I sign up?)... She has been given a translucent white dress.

The dress and white hair needed to be the same color.  Plus there is the added difficulty of her dark skin underneath the white.  I think the translucency turned out okay, even if the dress seems a bit loose to do so.  I wish I has done better on her gold though.   Must practice the gold trim on whites more.  Also photographing such a pale model offers quite a bit of a challenge.

The chocolate brown hue of her skin really appeals to me.  I would like to try it again on a larger scale figure.  All in good time, I guess...

Her sisters (so far) are the Simbul, Alustriel, Storm and Laeral.

Painted January 2004


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