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Jahenna  Vampire Seductress

25mm scale

by Reaper Miniatures #2632

   This was another entry in the Fifth Annual Female Miniature Painting Challenge.  She managed to place third in the cheesecake category.

   I started out by filing back her protruding vampire teeth and the original text marking on the tombstone.  Her base was cut back and secured to a plastic 25mm round.  The holes for the eye pupils (arrgh!) put in by the sculptor  were filled with putty to allow me to have her looking in another direction.

    She was initially painted with a white wedding style dress, but I found out that a vampire in white is just...  well... too white!  Then I opted for black with a black lace design.  The gems are ruby to reflect her red eyes, crimson lips and the red flowers on her base.

    The cat familiar from reaper seemed to suit her attitude with it's aggressive hissing pose.  To match Jahenna's contrasting black and white coloration, the cat was made into a Siamese which is also black and white.

    The Van Helsing name on the gravestone is obviously a salute to the protagonist of Bram Stoker's legendary Dracula tale with a touch of irony;  A vampire sitting on the vampire hunters tombstone.

    I am very pleased with how she turned out despite the initial painting hiccup with the white dress.  Black was obviously the best choice in the end.

Painted 2005


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