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Marda, female Barbarian

25mm scale

by Reaper Miniatures #2687


     Got this little lady at Reapercon 2004 as part of their paint'n'take styled classes.  My best info states she was primed with Krylon primer.  I attempted to work on her at Reapercon, but just got too frustrated with the fuzziness of the thick primer.  At home she was sanded down with wirebrush and sandpaper.

     As months went by I would paint the odd bit here and there on her.  Stuck and uninspired by the deformed round shield,  she would finally get the mirrored shield treatment I had done previously to another Dennis Mize sculpt.  This time the mountains are enshrouding a valley.  The lighting of the landscape is better in this version.  There is also the reflection of an approaching red dragon.


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