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Female Giant

25mm scale (60mm tall)

by Reaper Miniatures #2622

reapergiantess1.jpg (118952 bytes)

  Another neat little project I started a few years back and recently completed.

  This female giant stands about 60mm tall. Scale can be determined by the skull and Reaper weapon piece on her base.

  She may be wearing furs, but it's still a bikini.  So I tried for it to be a late summer, high altitude feel to the base terrain. Which was decorated with rocks, sand, flock, and some dried flowers. There is also a rock sculpted out of green-yellow epoxy, with a design on it.

  The base is 54mm hand-varnished circle of oak, bought unfinished in a multi-pack at a craft store.  She is actually held to the oak disk with a wood screw, and super-glue, and epoxy, and more glue....

  Some parts of this model are very rough.  Almost as if the sculptor had not smoothed it enough, or maybe it was just bad casting.  The head is also too small in proportion to the body, making her look very mannish.  Still,  female giants are quite unusual, so who knows how they are proportionally. :p

  I was very pleased with how the face and weapon came out.  The loincloth was a challenge, because I had no idea what to draw on it.   So little feminine swirls and patterns it is.  The woodgrain on the weapon might be too small for her scale-wise... But,.. ah...she is done now.  :p

She looks a bit like Sophia Loren to me.  Or maybe I have been watching to many classic films. :)

Painted 2004


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