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Gilgalad, GD silver winner
Goldberry, GD silver winner
Radagast, GD silver wnr
Elrond GD Gold winner
Rohan Infantry
Riders of Rohan
Elrond (in metallics)
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Lord of the Rings The Two Towers by Games Workshop

25mm scale

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My entry for the Canadian Lord of the Rings Two Towers painting contest.  It had to be out of the package unconverted on the game base.  Though seriously I would have converted him if I could.

I decided to give him a bit more color, since the LOTR minis tend to be red, light brown, dark brown, and uh...Brown.  His armor has been painted with all NMM.  Also has extensive freehand, even has NMM horseshoes.  Base is meant to have a small mountain stream running through the grasslands

This model is a study in irony.  One side of the face is sculpted beautifully, and has a great resemblance to the actor Karl Urban.  The other side is static and flat, just a face.  On this same side the sculptor took shortcuts and it shows quite obviously on the helm.  Honestly, this appears to be a beautiful mini (and it is !) but many parts are haphazard and unfinished.  I really enjoyed painting him, but couldn't help thinking that more finishing could have been put in at the sculpting stage.

Still, I think he turned out okay.  :)

Painted March 2003


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