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Gilgalad, GD silver winner
Goldberry, GD silver winner
Radagast, GD silver wnr
Elrond GD Gold winner
Rohan Infantry
Riders of Rohan
Elrond (in metallics)
Tom Bombadil




Elrond, Lord of Rivendell

Lord of the Rings by Games Workshop

25mm scale



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Front Rear1 Rear2


This was my entry for Lord of the Rings single miniature in the 2004 Los Angeles Golden Demons.  It managed to edge out some tough competition for a first place Golden Demon.  My first. :)

I studied some wonderful large photos of the costumes of Elrond and Gil-Gilad from the films.  The subtle intricate design on the cloak is of course much smaller on the costumes. And the gold trim is really only on Gil-Gilad's cloak.  But I felt it framed the other design too nicely, so I had to use it.

The face is a little glared out by my photo.  Check out the official pic of the same figure on the Games Workshop Website.

 Painted January 2004

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