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Radagast, GD silver wnr
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Radagast the Brown

Lord of the Rings by Games Workshop

25mm scale

   Winner of 2nd place Lord of the Rings Single at the 2004 Canada Golden Demons.

   I had my doubts about entering this model in to the Golden Demons.  The casting has made the one side of his face collapse in along the mold line.  It only looks odd from one angle, but still...

   In keeping with his encounter with Gandalf in the novel, he is supposed to be standing by a  roadside.  One side of the base is sculpted cobblestone.  Unfortunately, this was covered by the vines growing overtop, loosing the story part almost completely.   The writing on the edge of the base is still not as clean as my first attempt, but not too, too bad.

   Almost every bit of clothing has some freehand.  Even belt pouch has a green spotted line running around the leather's edges.  The shirt's Celtic knot pattern is almost completely lost though.  It needs to be less sloppy, and less complex to work visually.

  The branches of the cloak are taken as a representation of the GW game character's ability to blend in with his surroundings.  This is also wound into a knotwork pattern, primarily on the corners.  Again, it is almost lost by the random leaves.  As for the type of leaves on the cloak?  I had to try for a maple leaf of course!

   In retrospect, I could have done much better.  Especially considering how otherwise I seem to excel at the smaller scale figures.  It needs to be cleaner, tighter and perhaps even have simpler patterns.  Some of the work is completely lost on him and would probably even work better on something like a 15mm scale piece.

At least he'll look good on the gaming table.

Painted July 2004


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