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Gilgalad, GD silver winner
Goldberry, GD silver winner
Radagast, GD silver wnr
Elrond GD Gold winner
Rohan Infantry
Riders of Rohan
Elrond (in metallics)
Tom Bombadil



Elrond, Lord of Rivendell

Lord of the Rings by Games Workshop

25mm scale

A commission for a friend that has been lurking around mostly completed for faaaar to long.  The metals are metallic paints, glazed over an NMM undercoat.  I'm not sure whether I like it yet.

  I tried for simplicity with him, since he is actually going to be representing a D&D character in a campaign.  So greasy pizza sauce laden fingers should be able to pick him up without me having a heart attack.

  The only real embellishment is the elven writing on the edges.  Which I did as practice for another version of this fig.  But never again did I manage to get it as good on anything else since. :(

The dirt on the cloak was another last minute addition, and I quite like the gritty feel it gives.

Painted April 2004


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