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Chaos Sorceress
VIC9  Tomb Raider
2005 Xmas ltd edition



Not-so-brave Tomb Raider

or VIC thief

28mm scale limited edition (400?)

by Freebooter Miniatures

vic9indy.jpg (122028 bytes)


This is a beautiful limited edition thief, sculpted by Werner Klocke. It was commissioned for the Visions in Color 9 showcase on Miniature  You can see more views of this one, and the many other great entries there.


This is one of those figures that kind of evolved as I was painting it. Since he's a thief, I started by giving very earthy colors. Then I had some sort of strange revelation and started painting him up in tribute to one of my favorite movie characters. I thought he would make a great 14th century Indiana Jones. Hence the unshaven face, the leather coat, and morbid terror of serpents.


Painted October 2003


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