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Chaos Sorceress
VIC9  Tomb Raider
2005 Xmas ltd edition





   30mm scale by Freebooter Miniatures

 Perhaps my favorite sculpt by Werner Klocke . This one is quite unusual for this sculptor, only two buckles and even her eyes are symmetrical! Seriously though, the anatomy is lovely and I adore the Victorian feel.

This model was completed during a major slump in my painting.  Nothing seemed to be going well until I started on her.  I'm rather pleased with her shirt and the flesh. The boots have a nice rugged worn look to them.  The spyglass has a jade green lens, but with a touch of brown to represent the backpack behind.

About the only things I'm not thrilled with are the pistol's NMM and the pommel of the sword. She turned out quite nice I think.  Hopefully it is a harbinger of better things to come, so I can improve. :)

    Painted  2004

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