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Chaos Sorceress
VIC9  Tomb Raider
2005 Xmas ltd edition



Chaos Sorceress

   30mm scale by Freebooter Miniatures

 A lovely, if naughty sculpt by Werner Klocke of a beautiful sorceress.  I find her face so very serene, almost motherly.

The demon emerging from her cloak is a ruddy colour, fading into the red of the cloak.  She also has markings that appear as tattoos, but are meant to represent her emergence from the pattern cloak interior.

The design on the back is taken from some online imagery from the Hubble space telescope.  The back was inspired from Wizard of Cassiopeia by Eric Louchard.  Who was also kind enough last year to tell me how to do it. (Thanks Eric!).  Ironically this model was done for the same customer as Eric's.  Though neither of us knew it until after it was completed!

    Painted April 2004

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