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Celtos Gael Eriu Champion

by I-Kore

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Front Left Rear Right

     My second I-Kore miniature.  This is a mini I loved, bought and immediately started on.  I tried for some chrome NMM on her breastplate. It did not quite work out to my satisfaction.  The first thing I realized, was that I did not have the colour I wanted.  So the blues especially, will never be duplicated because they are mixes.  I have since then purchased the desired colour. :)

Her skin was also a haphazard mix of bubonic brown, dark flesh and dwarf flesh for it's darkest colour.  This custom mix was subsequently highlighted up to white.

To my great surprise, she won the March Golden Toadstool at the Yahoo Masterclass Miniature Painters Group.  I entered her because she was much less imposing than my previous winning entry the Black Orc. Oh well.

Painted March 2003.


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