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Void Major Kali
Celtos Elf
Celtos Gael Champion 2005
Celtos Gael Barbarian
Celtos Arianrod
Celtos Vanir Valkyrie
Celtos Dwarf Kay Finn White Axe
Celtos Gael Eriu Champion
Void Vasa Militia



Manannan Champion with Greatsword

28mm scale

12334 by I-Kore for Celtos

A very Frazetta-like model of a Gael that I painted up as Conan the Barbarian.  I think his teeth are supposed to be showing, but I like the sterner look of the closed mouth.  The NMM on the sword turned out okay.  I think I pooched the metal work on the belt though.  Because he is supposed to look like Conan I stayed away from the usual Celt tattoos.  There is still some teal green on him to in case I want to throw him into my Gencon winning Gael Warband for a fight.

.Painted 2004.


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