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Eltharion ver2
Bretonnian Damsel
Chaos Lord Archaon
Wardancer Musician
Wardancer Lord
Wardancer Leader
Wood Elf Treeman
Wood Elf Mage 4
Centigor testpc
Wood Elf Mage w Unicorn
Wood Elf Mage 3
Dwarf Lord
Wood Elf Mage 2
Chaos Slaanesh Standard
Eternal Guard Commander
Wood Elf Spellsinger
Eltharion, High Elf Hero
Female Highelf Mage
Malus Darkblade ft
Male Highelf Mage
Badruck 'Eadsplitta
Vintage Chaos Warrior 6
Vintage Chaos Warrior
Chaos Daemonette Familiar
Chaos Imp Familiar
Azhag GD Bronze winner
Valten Sigmar's Champion
Lizard Man Saurus
Dark Elf Witch
Vintage Tzeentch Champ
Vintage Chaos Beastman
Vintage Khorne Champ
Chaos Beastman Lord
Chaos Bird-thing Familiar
Vintage Chaos Sorcerer
Dwarf Pirates
Vintage Beastman w trophy
Black Orc Boss Grimgor
Vintage Chaos Warrior 1
Vintage Boar Beastman
Vintage Chaos Warrior 1
Chaos Tzeentch Familiar
Old Chaos Warrior
Scorpion Chaos Warrior




by Games Workshop for Warhammer Fantasy Battles

28mm scale

I nearly had to painted two of these to get this one.  lol!

The first was miscast and (both) had this awful grainy texture, especially around the hair. Of course I tend to paint the hair at the last so that's when I found out. :(  The first version had his poor head stripped so many times later it was hopelessly scarred.  Since he was a commission I *had to get it done*.  So I raced out and choose the least flawed figure I could find in the local GW store's stock.  The staff at that GW know me and fear when I appear with a partially painted mutilated figure in hand. ;)

The second was treated with some very fine steel wool to cut down the graininess.  It turned out much like the first version, though a heck of alot nicer.


Painted May 2005

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