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Bretonnian Damsel
Chaos Lord Archaon
Wardancer Musician
Wardancer Lord
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Vintage Chaos Warrior 6
Vintage Chaos Warrior
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Valten Sigmar's Champion
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Dark Elf Witch
Vintage Tzeentch Champ
Vintage Chaos Beastman
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Chaos Beastman Lord
Chaos Bird-thing Familiar
Vintage Chaos Sorcerer
Dwarf Pirates
Vintage Beastman w trophy
Black Orc Boss Grimgor
Vintage Chaos Warrior 1
Vintage Boar Beastman
Vintage Chaos Warrior 1
Chaos Tzeentch Familiar
Old Chaos Warrior
Scorpion Chaos Warrior



Vintage Chaos Warrior

by Games Workshop for Warhammer


28mm scale

gwchsbstman2old.jpg (64484 bytes)

A weird, weird, WEIRD sculpt of a running chaos warrior.  The chainmail is at best crudely rendered.  The cowl being the most amateurish part.  But I tried to make up for it by giving his chainmail a green blue NMM that almost looks as if its iridescent. The photo is a bit dark to show it well. 

 The shield design is inspired by the bird-sized mosquitoes we've had around our house this summer.  Yuck! Revolting  horrible things.  Perfectly disgusting for a chaos guy. The wooden interior is also totally freehand.  It even has faux NMM nails.

 The base is greenstuff.

Painted  July 2004

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