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Coolminiornot Valkyrie
Coolminiornot Grom
Coolminiornot Vignette Entry




by Coolminiornot

32mm scale

    This is my interpretation of the first Coolminiornot contest figure Frejya the Valkyrie. She has been extensively converted and bits added on.  I was initially not going to enter, given the quality of the miniatures.  But when the Administrator said conversions were welcome, well then I could certainly alter them.

     The miniature itself is very 2-dimensional and out of proportion.  Her one ear ends up somewhere on her cheek and she has a lazy eye as well. The weapons were too large so they were immediately hacked off. She has an old Brettonian Shield,  an axe from a plastic Chaos sprue,  wings from a Reaper angel and a mordheim sword in scabbard.

      I corrected her extremely high flat forehead with a sculpted diadem headband.  Her hair was hacked off and resculpted to stream upward and have more mass. It also hides the stray ear.  There is a new braid of hair that unfortunately blended in with the NMM gold shoulder-pad when I painted her. Her drooping breasts were enhanced and instead of a bikini she has a decorated breastplate.

      The legs and arms were also repositioned.  The mini is very brittle but did not manage to actually break.  However I had to resculpt the joints, and fill stress-cracks.

      The miniature was converted using whitestuff epoxy putty, which IMHO is terrible, its is not nearly as smooth or workable as I'd like.  She was converted and painted over the course of a week.  Valkyrie and Grom were extremely rushed and the vignette entry itself was completed, photographed and posted, minutes before the deadline.

Painted February 2003.


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