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Grom the Relentless

by Coolminiornot

32mm scale

This is my interpretation of the first Coolminiornot contest's figure Grom the Relentless.  I was initially not going to enter, given the quality of the miniatures.  But when the Administrator said conversions were welcome, well then I could certainly alter them.

  The miniature is not as badly out of proportion as Freya, though he still has a lazy eye and is quite static in pose.  I snapped him in half, so he could sit against the rock and tree, his cape and torso were resculpted.  His right arm is supposed to be holding a necklace he cherishes while he's dying.  He was also given a blind eye, to compensate for the lazy eye.  It works well with the vignette story.  I like to think that an opponent moved in on his blind side and delivered poor Grom a fatal blow.

For me the tree is my favorite part.  The tree is tubing and wire, twisted together and covered in Milliput White.  After, another layer of Milliput was sculpted on to form the bark texture of the branches and trunk.  The branch that holds Valkyrie in the final vignette is hollow tubing that fits her foot pin perfectly and supports her weight, though it is bent and twisted.

  The miniature was converted using whitestuff epoxy putty, which IMHO is terrible, its is not nearly as smooth or workable as I'd like.  He was converted and painted in a day of frenzied work.  Valkyrie and Grom were extremely rushed and the vignette entry itself was completed, photographed and posted, minutes before the deadline.

Painted February 2003.


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