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Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress

by Privateer Press for Iron Kingdoms

28mm scale?

    This was an entry in the Fifth Annual Female Miniature Painting Challenge.  I submitted her as part of the Club Challenge Category at the last minute on behalf of the Alberta Miniature Painters.

    The sculpt is rather nice and very clean.  The pose is unusually calm and eye-catching.  The scaly or feathered cloak is not something I was very keen on though.  I seriously considered grinding or cutting the thing off at first.  But that'd be too much work. :p

    I thought maybe something that looked iridescent that could be scales or feathers on the cloak might work.  Much like either a fish or peacock respectively.  There was some red at one point, but that looked a little too psychedelic, so I kept it in the violet to yellows spectrum.  To counter the wild cloak colors I kept the girl and her inner cloak neutral and simple.

   I was not happy with the figure as a challenge piece, though it certainly was a challenge to do.  Nor was I happy with my work on her, though I can't see having done it any differently.

Imagine my absolute shock when she not only placed, but got FIRST in her category!  Wow!

Painted 2005.


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