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Lelith Hesperax Conversion

Warhammer 40,000 by Games Workshop

28mm scale


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Front Rear 1 Rear 2


   This was my entry for Warhammer 40k Single Miniature in the 2004 Canadian Golden Demons. This model won the Bronze Demon at that Games Day!

This figure was meant to be in the Los Angeles Golden Demons, but never made it into the hall because I left her sitting partially completed in the hotel room.  She did finally make her appearance in the Canada GDs amidst some fierce competition.

I had my worries about the conversion the whole time.  Her parts are mostly either Dark Elf or Dark Eldar GW parts.  But I used some unexpected bitz for the halberd off of such things as a Dark Eldar Jet Bike and a tomb kings hand weapon for the blades.  As a result there was a bit of confusion at first because of the huge Rackham-style blades, but they figured it out. :)

She has freehand styling on nearly every bit of armor including each "feather" of the wings.  I played extensively with color transitions made to give an iridescent feel to the armor.  One judge liked it, the other didn't... Ah well.

While I can't say I'm 100% happy with the conversion, I feel that she represented some of my most ambitious painting at the time and I'm quite proud of this version of one of GW's best sculpts.

 Painted May 2004


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